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                    Job title|Salary|Recruitment number|Work place|Date

                    Jiafa security guard2000-299922016-03-14

                    Jiafa security guard(2人)

                    Job responsibilities:

                    1, really grasp the security issue in front of the hall, the service, the back door and each designated police weigang;

                    2, follow the instructions of the security manager, duty security guard duty, to ensure customer safety and property.

                    Job requirements:

                    1, 40 - 18 years of age, good health, good appearance; more than 170CM height, the gender is not limited;

                    2, familiar with the safety system and the use of safety equipment, accident and emergency prevention and arrangement;

                    3, good affinity, veterans priority

                    4, probation salary: 2500 yuan / month, probation 2850 yuan / month;


                    12 hours working system, the month rests 4 days, the purchase of five insurance and other welfare benefits, the company provides accommodation and working on free food of 2 food job.

                    If you are ready to meet the challenges, the pursuit of your ideal career, welcome you to send the application
                    materials together with a resume delivery to the electronic mail:hr@jfgroup.cn


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